How many times have you walked off stage feeling completely proud, fufilled and gratified?

It wouldn’t be surprising if your answer was a number less than 5.

Peak performance achievement is a challenge that crosses generations, levels and instruments. Most musicians, when asked, place themselves on a spectrum starting with ‘severe stage fright’ and ending in ‘usually not being quite satisfied’.

Thankfully, many conservatories and academies in the States are starting to become sensitive to the matter, and new generations are being raised with more tools to handle spotlight situations than ever before.

There are plenty of performers out there, however, who were taught that ‘the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it’. It might be true for some, but for many, frequently facing spotlight situations unequipped to do so can be fairly disastrous. Many professionals come to us in need of unraveling cumulative years of unconscious fears and stuffed feelings, that more often than not lead to a perceived vicious circle of embarrassing failures.

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So what’s the plan?

Our Peak Performance program seeks to send you back to the real world feeling whole, safe and at home in spotlight situations. It is the blend and result of years of experiential and academic research in various disciplines, including Artist Development, Equine Guided EducationActive Listening Playground, Heart-Brain Physiology, Psychology of Optimal Experience, and Sports Physchology.

It doesn’t tackle the art form directly, but all that’s around it, such as body-emotion awareness, mastery over emotional responses, coherence of communication, and growing independent of judgement. 

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Peak Performance Programs

The Creative Way Around offers different types of Peak Performance Training programs. The duration can vary from 90 minutes to a half day, from a full day to a long weekend, and the frequency is up to you. Your main options as far as setup are:


You can book your own private 1:1 training with us.

Highly targeted to your challenges and needs,
it can accommodate your time availability and intensity wishes.


Call us to book private training for your own ensemble, section, staff or group of friends.

Share with them one or endless episodes of your Artist Development journey.


If you want to come out unaccompanied, you can join any of our open group sessions. You will be going through your process with the support and warmth of a peer group of like-minded professionals, coming from all walks of the performing arts.

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How are we different?

To our knowledge, The Creative Way Around is the only equine facilitated learning platform in the world specifically tailored to performing artists. It is highly hands-on experiential, and though we are not therapists, facilitated interaction with horses has been scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects on its beneficiaries.

Many Peak Performance training methods for musicians nowadays are based on Sports Psychology, which is all about setting the athlete up for success by means of a synced mind-body interaction. While acknowledging the usefulness of such principles, we recognize the existence of one extra necessary pillar for performing artists: emotions. We want our clients to enter their spotlight situations in a state of mind-body-emotions congruency (what you feel, think and emotionally project are aligned).

There are other disciplines who can teach you to reach this alignment, but not as many who allow you to practice it in a dynamic, relationship situation such as one involving horses. You might be very solid on theory, but the moment of truth comes when you walk up to a 1000lb mirror of you, and the horse shows you exactly where you are at.

I want to know more

When’s the next Peak Performance session taking place? And how does it work, anyway?

We’ll let you know about scheduling, logistics and more!