Artist Development Programs











Our Peak Performance programs seek to send you back to the real world feeling whole, safe and at home in spotlight situations.

It is ideal for performing artists who want to refine their audition skills or feel more comfortable on stage.

This training doesn’t tackle the art form directly, but all that’s around it, such as body-emotion awareness, mastery over emotional responses, coherence of communication, and growing independent of judgement. 

It’s tailored both to groups and individuals, and the duration of a session can vary from 90 minutes to…

Our Inspiration Space is for soloists, actors, conductors, ensembles and singers, who experience on a daily basis the joys and sorrows of a successful touring life.

Our Inspiration Space programs seek to:

  • put a name to whatever is paralizing you or preventing you from feeling whole and fulfilled as an artist
  • let it leave your system
  • heal you from the damage it’s made
  • re-define your artistic identity and bring you back to a place of inspiration, flow and creativity
  • set you off with new tools to win the challenges of your life in the arts, without compromising on your well-being and integrity