Annakaisa Anttila, Executive Producer of Ruisrock Festival (Finland)

Testimonials AnnakaisaWhen producing events, the pressure and stress inside a team might become occasionally too hard to handle. During that kind of days, which usually are the last days before the event, it is important to let go for a second on everything that is going on in your mind. Working with Giorgia was absolutely the best way to give our team its strength back. No one from our team was expecting ALP — we usually do yoga or meditation — so it worked even better than I had prevented. Doing an even brief ALP Quick Fix session cleared our minds, so we were able to keep on working for the last week before the event with new energy. Eventually this was one of the things that made Ruisrock such a successful event this year!

Katariina Nyberg, Arts Manager of the Digital Age (Finland)

Katariina NybergI felt safe to explore my insecurities and the boundaries of my comfort zone with Giorgia leading me through the fun and playful exercises of the ALP Quick Fix. It helped me pinpoint my strengths as an entrepreneur and consultant and realize the interaction I have with my clients, and how to further develop both aspects. The day after the Program my workflow improved a lot and I was quicker and wittier in my work. I thank Giorgia for a life-changing workshop and hope to be able to attend a Deep Touch program with her soon!

Mulli Diamant, VP Sales at Onssi (U.S.)

Testimonials MulliI believe that smooth and harmonized interpersonal communication practices are one of the building blocks of corporate efficiency. I invited the ALP team because I wanted OnSSI to explore this topic and experiment within it. I was also looking for tools to make management and employees become more aware, engaged and creative and have them use every moment to its fullest capacity. At the workshop, all the participants stepped out of their comfort zone and had fun while doing it. It was very impressive to experience. This is something we can all learn to do in our everyday job

Annu Nieminen-Pietinalho, Founder and Author of The Real Leadership Gap (Finland)

Testimonials AnnuIn today’s busy business life, where we tend to prioritize achieving over thinking, we can get disconnected from the real source of human wisdom: our intuition and inner judgment. Via its ground rule of “embracing confusion”, the ALP training can help us accept the uncertainty of everyday life – which is a vital part of our existence. It can help us understand the unlimited creative potential in each of us, which we often forget or neglect to cultivate. I believe the ALP offers a great method for learning to encounter human activity without unnecessary, artificial judgment. That is critical in our business life as well, as via not exhausting ourselves with generic negative mind chatter we free up resources to use our healthy judgment when truly needed

Kiki Ylimutka, Founder and Chairwoman of Super Sisters (Finland)

Testimonials KikiThe ALP workshop gave me a chance to express myself in a completely new way and opened my eyes and ears to the understanding that artistic expression is possible for anyone at any time. In this sense, I would suggest the ALP Quick Fix to all business professionals, because it is liberating, it allows to take a break from own boundaries and it offers a safe environment to play around with the creative self, which at the end of the business day is what makes innovation possible at all times

Malcolm Stewart, Co-Founder and CEO at Clerkd (Ireland/Australia)

Malcom for ClerkdThis definitely gets you out of your comfort zone, and that’s a good thing! Just listen to Giorgia and you’ll be singing and dancing in no time

Antti Ylimutka (Finland), Marketing Lead at Beddit (Finland)

AnttiThe ALP Quick Fix that Giorgia held proved to be a great journey into exploring the barriers between one’s mind and body. The program dug deep down into the interaction between two or more human beings and helped one express himself in actions, words, gestures, and so forth — all this in a safe environment initiated by Giorgia. The ALP workshop made up for an unforgettable experience and helped me learn new things about myself and gave me heaps of ingredients to develop myself as a person and as a professional

Christoph Thür (Switzerland)

ChristoffI had no idea what to expect from the ALP Quick Fix, just got invited by a friend. Turned out it was fun, i had to get out of my comfort-zone, and experienced voice, body and interactions with other participants in a new way. Giorgia did a great job!”