Pauli Kopu, creative director at KLOK Creative Agency (Finland)

PauliGiorgia is very energetic and inspiring coach.
She was able to get my presentation skills to a new level even in a short time. I can truly recommend her.

Elena Storchi and Mariangela Bezzecchi, Managing Partners of Eventinmente (Italy)

Eventinmente_logoWe were facing the challenge of planning a project proposal for a new customer: a fashion brand who had to open its biggest store in Italy. The opening represented an important event for the town, and it was to include press conferences, media attention and a huge volume of visitors — the perfect target for our business and consequently the perfect visibility platform for our company.

The responsibility at stake was substantial, and at the start we even considered not to present the project proposal at all, for we didn’t feel comfortable measuring ourselves with this important challenge. We consulted Giorgia via Skype — she was in Finland — and she helped us organize our ideas, getting to a list of the most important concepts we wanted to develop.

At the beginning, we didn’t know where to start from, but at the end of her Creative Process program everything was clear to us and we realized that everything was already in our minds. What she did, so simple in the appearance, was to let us trust our creative skills and compose our project.

The result was a great project plan, based on both our experience and on the core philosophy of the brand. We presented it one week before the expiring date and had a special appreciation by the marketing and communication professionals of the company. We didn’t get the job at the end, as the company confirmed its usual supplier and didn’t dare to pick a new way to go. But we are much more self-confident now and keep Giorgia’s number at hand, no matter where she is moving!