Making it to the high stakes circles of the industry is great. But not free.

The cost to many is their privacy. Some give up marriages and families. Some give up a considerable degree of freedom. Often a vicious circle kicks in, made up of expectations, pressure, loneliness, exposure and vulnerability.

Inspiration Space is for soloists, actors, conductors, singers and ensembles to come to a safe place and take a break from life, however long or short.

Here, you can explore where you are, where you’re going, and make a road map to get there. You can find out what’s missing and how to get it. You can re-learn the skill of just being.  By letting the fragments left of yourself naturally heal into a stronger core, you will find yourself connecting to music, spaces and others in ways you never have before.

How does this look?

You can come for one-day or half-day intensives or retreats; however much you are willing to give to your inspiration — or re-inspiration — process. And the great thing about California’s Wine Country is that in this beautiful setting, after a day of equine activity, it’s only logical to follow with a lovely wine-and-dine evening.

Given my unshakeable commitment to anonimity, I can only provide anonymous testimonials. See below!



“Seeing this physical response after releasing all of the preparedness and perfection of the notes and focusing purely on the music was truly a shift of thought in my part. I have always practiced getting in the zone when preparing for stressful performance experiences, but visually seeing the horse’s reflection of the mood that I portrayed is something unique and unlike any other performance practice experience.

Taking this on stage with me is an interesting process. The comfort I have when I improvise is now easier to access”.

Professional Clarinetist

San Francisco, CA